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Fruits of our island

Let's take a look...

We can provide you with...

 Jack fruit
Sour Sop
 Rose Apple
White Apple
King coconut

& so more.

King Coconut:

Though it's very tough to find King Coconut,you can easily find it in Sri Lanka.It grows near the sea shores.In fact it's common here.It's also known as Thembili & colour is orange.It has a great demand because it's sweeter than the normal coconuts.It contains eloctrolyte levels,potassium,calcium & magnesium.It keeps our health strong.Coconut oil is famous in Sri Lanka & exported in the Middle East.

Jack Fruit:

It's the largest fruit in Sri Lanka.It can be even 275 lbs in weight.Farmers cultivate jack fruit tree widely in the tropical regions.It is tested very good.Green jack fruit curry is one of the most delicious recipes for the Lankans & source of protein & nutrition.


There are 29 varieties of banana in Sri Lanka.They are of different colours like red,green,yellow etc.Banana plants are one time fruit plants.Farmers cultivate bananas widely in the orchards or home gardens for more profit.It has a very good impact on Srilankan economy.


The ruby red fruit is normally grown in tropical & sub tropical regions.It belons to the berry family Punicaceae.This healthy food grows in Puttalam,Hambantota,Jaffna,Mannar & Moneragala.Fruit juice can be made from ripe fruit.A pomegranate contains about 700-800 seeds.It's a very good source of vitamin C,antioxidants & antibacterial properties which help lower psychological stress & skin care.It also inhibits cancer,increases libido & helps on weight loss.


The bright red food is very costly.It's very delicious.It mainly grows in Ambewela & ragalaStrawberry cultivation requires high specification & now a days it becomes very popular.You can grow it in fields & farms.It gives protection to our body from diseases.


Mango is called the king of fruit.It was originated from India.Mango cultivation is very profitable in Srilanka.It has various tastes according to it's green & yellow colour.It is cultivated in Anuradhapura,Hambantota,Puttalam,Jaffna & Kurunegala.Mango exportation contributes a lot in the economy of Sri Lanka.


Can be green or red.Have you ever been to Colombo?You must get woodapple there.It's outer shell is very hard.Having a little amount of acidic substances,it tastes both sour & sweet.It prevents diabetes,respiratory problems,diarrhoea,dysentery & also the deadly cancer.


It's a round shaped fruit.It can be seen in every area of Sri Lanka.It grows mainly in the moist part of the island.The taste is sour or little bit bitter sometime.As a source of vitamin C it prevent diseases.You can use it as a medicine of high blood pressure,asthma & diabetes.


Cashew apple is famous in Sri lanka.It grows fast & tastes sweet.It's of green colour.Again sugar apple is green & it's shell is occupied by little thorns.As a source of vitamin C apple cultivation is very profitable in Sri Lanka.


As a rich food it is known as ''the queen'' of tropical fruits.It's a rounded shape fruit of purple color.Flavour of the fruit is sweet.After removing the outer shell you can eat the bright white shell.It has low calories,vitamin C,B complex & minerals which protects human body from strokes & heart diseases.It increases immunity system & fight against viral flu.


It's a creamy green skinned food.It's cultivated in the tropical climates.It is one of the most popular fruits of Sri Lanka.It's a great source of nutrition.The seed inside the shell is very delicious.Avocado juice & vanilla ice cream made from it are very delicious.


It's a famous tropical fruit of Sri Lanka.It's shape is round & color is light has low calories,vitamin C,carbohydrates,vitamin A,antioxidant,B complex,vitamin E,K & minerals.It helps immunity,eye sight,brain health,skin weight loss & blood pressure.Guava cultivation has been successful till now.


It is known as water apple,wax apple or rose apple.It's of red & green color & little bit sweet in taste.You can get it in the Summer season.It needs wet climate to grow & you can get it in most areas of Sri Lanka.It's a source of nutritition as it contains vitamin C,carotene & minerals.It prevents diabetes,diarrhoea,dysentery etc.Jambu juice is delicious & favourite to the Sri lankan people.Jumbu exportation business contributes a lot in the economy of Sri Lanka.

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