Monday, March 20, 2017

Vegetables of our island

Let's take a look...

Mainly we have...
Salad leaves

& so more


Cabbage is one of the most important vegetables cultivated in a large extent in Sri Lanka.It can be grown in the home gardens.It contains protein,fats,carbohydrate,vitamin C & minerals.It's the medicine of stomach problem,headache,damaged skin cells etc.


It's a green vegetable & colour is green.It grows in agro-climatic zones.Bean fry is a delicious meal for the Lankans.The amazing thing is it's availability.As it contains a very low amount of fat & cholesterol it prevents heart attack,balances blood sugar & cuts cancer risk.Bean cultivation is very much profitable now a days.

Salad leaves:

Are you trying to find a healthy good food?Then you must try salad leaves.You will get both salad leaves & juice at cheap rate.It tastes sweet & salty.Most Sri Lankans love to have curried salad with rice.So if you visit Sri Lanka,you must taste it.


Cauliflower is one of the most popular vegetables of Sri Lanka.Sri Lankan farmers prefer cauliflower cultivation because of it's high demand.There are Glucosinolates,antioxidants,vitamin & minerals in the cauliflower.It prevents cancer risk,heart attack,boosts brain health & accelerates digestion system.


It is available in Sri Lanka.It grows mainly in northwestern part of srilanka.It's mainly taken as salad which is famous in Sri Lanka.Cucumber has vatamin K,C B1,antioxidant & minerals.It helps eye sight,weight loss,skin care & cancer prevention.You should try it.


It's a root vegetable & color can be orange,purple,black,red, white or yellow.Carrot is used in many dishes of Sri Lanka like carrot curry,carrot sambol etc.It's a good source of vatamin B1,B2,B6,K & minerals.It helps us in cancer prevention,eye sight,skin care & dental health.So I think one should have a carrot in daily food routine.


It's a healthy food.It's color can be red,orange,yellow or green.In Sri  lanka it grows in wet & agro climatic zones in low & mid country. It contains vitamin C,E,B1,B2,B3,beta-carotene & minerals.It helps us in skin care,eye sight & cancer protection.It is also also used in the dishes.


It's a widely grown vegetables in Sri Lanka.It can be 4-6 kg in weight & orange & yellow in color.It contains vitamin A,C E,(B complex),carotenes & minerals.It is good for eye sight,heart,immune system,bladder function,digestion system,controlling sugar levels etc.White pumpkin curry is a lovely recipe.

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